Client Details
This client operates a network of leading hospitals in India designed to provide a quality and affordable experience for patients. Their facilities are clean, comfortable and the design of client hospitals are focused on creating the most positive experience for patients with advance technology

IT Setup
  • 11 Hospitals & 2 Clinics located across India, IMO & Nairobi. Plus 80 External TR Clients
  • 5000 IT users, 1000+ peripherals and State of the art Hospital Management Systems
  • 75+ high end Blade Servers and 40TB Storage Area Network
  • 3000+ Laptops / Desktops
  • 600+ Network Devices and 20 mbps MPLS communication link
  • 10 mbps high speed internet link

What We Manage
  • New Hospital Implementation - Design, Plan, Implement and Operate from IT end
  • Network & Security - Design, Configure & Manage
  • Servers, Storage & Backup - Plan, Setup, Configure & Maintain
  • Hospital Management System - Implementation, Support & Backup
  • IT Operations - Implementation & Manage as per Standard Process & Policies

Challenges Faced by Customer
Solutions Provided by MindSquare
  • Managing IT and application at each site by qualified team
  • Standardizing support process and procedure
  • Maximum users are non-Computer background
  • Handling business critical Hospital Management Systems Issues
  • High business demand for a quick fix on financial transactions issues
  • Holding engineers for a long term in support projects
  • Giving support to community hospitals during engineer short / long Vacation
  • No ready backup resource to cover any unexpected situation
  • Meeting and improving on agreed SLAs
  • Experienced Support team
  • Dedicated Technical Project Manager and technical leads to handle the business critical issues
  • Experienced dedicated technical lead for implementation
  • Customized training within the support group
  • Automated software process
  • Ownership of Applications
  • Implemented Standard Operating Procedure, setup polices, best practices to manage IT environment
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Onsite Bench Resources