Mindsquare provides end to end solutions to different industries so that they can gain a competitive edge and exploit available resources. We ensure that industries achieve their business goals and make a huge profit out of their business. We provide a complete range of IT and support services to the industries described below:
MindSquare provides outsourcing, consulting, and systems implementation and support services for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other life sciences organizations. We have a team who is deeply experienced in the medical information technology field, applying industry knowledge and operations improvement skills to better our client's healthcare delivery, administration and health maintenance services. Through our services, MindSquare offers industry-specific expertise to objectively evaluate, select, implement and manage information systems, networks and applications.

A majority of today's businesses are categorized as SMBs, or small to mid-sized business. Among the many of issues encountered by small business owners, finding the budget to hire a fulltime IT support staff proves to be among the most difficult.

Most SMB companies are outsourcing their IT needs to technology solution providers within their local community. These highly skilled professionals are experts in assessing needs, building and managing affordable and reliable technology infrastructures.